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A Basic Guide to Body Piercing Jewelry

Body piercing is no longer something new to most if not all people. With this type of body art, a certain part of your body gets punctured or pricked using a certain method. Once the piercing is done, an attractive piece of jewelry like one shaped like a ring passes through this piercing. For many years, body piercing was often done in the ears. You can’t say the same today as younger people tend to have unusual or different body piercing ideas. To make these pierced parts more attractive, the invention of various body pierce jewelry pieces is becoming common.

Body piercing is not something new. It started out as an ancient tradition. Irrespective of the gender of the baby, they are pierced from birth during ancient times with this practice. As mentioned above, the ears are the most commonly pierced body part along with the nose for fashion. For ancient Egyptian practitioners, body piercing was associated with the spiritual gains as a holy ritual. For primitive tribes, on the other hand, body piercing was considered a cultural trait.

In present times, the ears and nose are not the only parts that are pierced, other more uncommon parts of the body also get piercing. The latest body piercing trends include those that involve the navel, tongue, nipple, eyebrow, and labret. There are different reasons why people choose to pierce different parts of their bodies. For some people, they want to boost and make their image more attractive. Other people, on the other hand, choose to get these piercings so they create their own fashion statement.

The most commonly used body piercing jewelry items during ancient times were natural elements like animal claws, bones, shell, and wood. As time went by, the use of metals was very common among more civilized men and women wanting to get a piercing.

In present times, body pierce jewelry pieces are made of silver, gold, steel, platinum, titanium, and bronze as well as the use of semi-precious stones and diamonds. Using nickel for these unique pieces is uncommon because of its ability to cause an infection. This will be very much upsetting to parts of your body. The use of solid gold in 14 or 18 karats is very common when it comes to these pieces of jewelry.

Body piercing jewelry for the labret or navel often comes in shapes of tunnels, tusks, tapers, claws, twists, and spirals. Another commonly used material for this jewelry piece is Pyrex glass. When it comes to these pieces of jewelry, you may go with opaque transparency and those in transparent colors.

The tools used for body piercing should be well sterilized before the process of piercing begins. The same goes for the body pierce jewelry pieces you will use. This ensures that you will not be at high risk for allergic reactions, bacterial infection, and nerve damage.

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